Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Winners!

We have some winners!

That's raight! My lazy butt forgot to draw last Friday! I would say there has been a slow start on my part to the challenge. So sorry!

I'd like to talk with you about sum maintenance. In the sidebar you can see the SRCIII button and "Sign Up" and "First Review" underneath which are highlighted. Click the highlight and go directly to that post. Don't feel like you cannot participate because you missed a post. I made it easy and will continue with the contests in the same manner until the end of the challenge. This way our first contest "Haiku Review" can be entered multiple times during the summer for a chance at a hardback Mudbound signed by the lovely Hillary Jordan. Please visit fellow southern bloggers and Good Luck!

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17 JMNLman @ Strategist Personal Library

29 Amelia @ Books Love Us
Timestamp: 2009-06-05 14:45:24 UTC


Sharon said...

Congratulations to the winners! Cool!

jmnlman said...

Some days I'm lucky I guess. Just emailed my shipping address over.

Yolanda said...

If you could only send me some catfish and hushpuppies or a steak from the Coldwater Steakhouse. The things I miss the most from home are the food and storms.What they call a storm here is just a rain shower with some thunder back home. LOL!

maggie moran said...

Maybe next time, Sharon! ;)

Did you win something last year too, JMNLman? Someone has to be lucky and I'm glad it was you! :)

Ew, we have had some storms blow through this spring requiring me to pick up pecan limbs! Oh,my back! I didn't know Coldwater had a steakhouse; although, Como's is thriving! Imagine what it is like for hubby and I who live down wind of the place!!! :D SRCIII is up and running if ya want to join?!? We would love to have a fellow southerner, Yolanda! :D

Paul said...

Maggie how about a pic of our favorite librarian ?? :-)

jmnlman said...

Yes I did last year as well. Guess I am lucky.

maggie moran said...

Scroll down Paul, and look at May 9, 2009! :D

It is something different this year, not as expensive JMNLman! :)