Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sweet Potato Queens Rule!

"On their own my eyeballs could be considered purely ornamental."

~ Jill Conner Browne

Tupelo native and first Mississippi Queen, Jill Conner Browne, has a laugh for you! All you have to do is read! Pay homage to the Queen here!

Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love (1999)
God Save the Sweet Potato Queens (2001)
The SPQs' Big-Ass Cookbook (2003) Sweet Potato Queens' Field Guide to Men (2004)
The SPQs' Wedding Planner/Divorce Guide (2005)
The SPQs' First Big-Ass Novel (2007)
The SPQs' Guide to Raising Children for Fun and Profit (2008)
American Thighs: The SPQ's Guide to Preserving Your Assets (2008)


Sharon said...

I keep looking at these Sweet Potato Queen books, but have never read one. I love your review of the SPQ's Guide to Raising Children... It sounds like a hoot!

maggie moran said...

Go with the first one SPQs' Book of Love and beware. It is full of debauchery, Sharon. ;D

Stella said...

I'm headed upstairs to the stacks right now to look for our copy of SPQ's Book of Love. Can't pass up that debauchery :)

maggie moran said...

Yay, Stella!!!

Sharon said...

Debauchery, uh? Sounds like a no lose reading situation!

maggie moran said...

Lol, Sharon!

Unknown said...

Hmm...I didn't know SPQ Jill Conner Browne was from Tupelo.
I thought she was from Jackson.

maggie moran said...

She was born in Tupelo and started the big royal court in Jackson, Pat. Here is her bio...

That is, if we can believe wikipedia?!? :P I couldn't find a birth date. Imagine that! :D I was looking to see if she was our age.

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