Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Delta Drive!

Hello Folks!
I'm on a little Sunday drive with Miss Maggie today.
We are visiting a Mississippi Catfish Farm around Tunica in the Delta.
Behind us is a catfish pond, I'm guessing around five acres.
The pond is grouped with three others of the same shape and size
and remind me of football fields filled with fish.

At this farm they process the fish on site.
The photo displays an open sided barn with screens on both sides.
Inside are tables with sinks, running water, and waste buckets.
The fish are beheaded (like me), skinned, and cleaned.
The remains are gathered and sprayed onto the surrounding fields.
Once packed the fish commute to a plant, half-mile down the road,
where they are further subjected to batters and spices then frozen.

This gaped tooth machine turns the water
so all the little fishys get fresh oxygen.
This is the Battle Farms "Pride of the Pond" Facility.
The farm is family owned and operated.
We purchase naked pieces for good ole southern fishfrys here!


Vasilly said...

I wish I was there! For some strange reason as a child, I used to want to have my own catfish farm. Have a great Sunday!

Lori Thornton said...

My mouth is just watering thinking of the great taste of fried Mississippi pond-raised catfish with all the right fixin's. (I guess that's how you do a plural when you drop the "g.") Fortunately I ate some on Thursday night at the Pickle Barrel in Amory before heading back to East Tennessee where they don't know how to cook catfish nor which state (sometimes even country) from which to purchase it!

maggie moran said...

Who knew, N. Vasillis! You aren't the first person to voice a dream for catfish farming. Live the dream! ;)

maggie moran said...

It's that delta soil, Lori! So how do you like your fixin's? :D

Vasilly said...

I just read the post, that is so funny! I've never been to a catfish farm but in high school, the second I read about catfish farming that was my dream. But then I went back to my decades-long dream of being a librarian so that's why I'm in school now. Maggie, you can just call me Vasilly.

ricklibrarian said...

I've enjoyed your photos of Faulkner on the go. Does he go to conferences? He'd be a lot to put in a suitcase.

maggie moran said...

Vasilly - I'm excited you are in library school! We need all the book readers we can get in this profession! I wanted to be a semi-truck driver! When I retire we just might do that, the hubby and I! Viva-la-Dreams! :D

Rick - Faulkner is a little too heavy for flight. He will have to miss Anaheim, but we were thinking of shipping him up to Minnesota in July. We will be vacationing and I thought it would be nice to get him along the side of the Mississippi headwaters at Lake Itasca. Still debating...

Hopeto see you in Anaheim! :)

Isabel said...

So, Mr. William finally learned how to write clearly under your tutelage.

Thanks for the tours!

I am sad to hear about the catfish industry's problems staying solvent.

Feed and gasoline costing so much! And with the Iowa floods, feed will go up even more.

maggie moran said...

WW100, when Willie has a little too much southern spirit he falls right back into his rambling stream of consciousness and we are left bowing our heads in agreement, but not really sure as to what we actually agree. ;D

Ya know, I feel like every Mississippi farm should be raising corn to help out the Iowans. I saw on the news last night that most are w/out flood insurance! MS law reqiuired us to purchase flood ins. b/c we were in a 100 year flood plain, and we are a good 20miles from the delta. They face a struggle the Gulf Coast and New Orleans are still recovering from slowly.

Did you read the price of fish food? OMG!

Stella said...

My only contact with catfish was watching them swim in the creek up Sugar Creek holler when I was a child. Scary!

maggie moran said...

I guess you could see their whiskers really well, Stella.

In High Cotton the author talks about noodling catfish. They reach into a catfish nest (underwater) hoping to (not grab a snake) grab a catfish behind the head then pull him/her to the surface. Crazy! Catfish bite! I'll use my stink bait! ;D