Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Delta Drive!

Hello Folks!
I'm on a little Sunday drive with Miss Maggie today.
We are visiting a Mississippi Catfish Farm around Tunica in the Delta.
Behind us is a catfish pond, I'm guessing around five acres.
The pond is grouped with three others of the same shape and size
and remind me of football fields filled with fish.

At this farm they process the fish on site.
The photo displays an open sided barn with screens on both sides.
Inside are tables with sinks, running water, and waste buckets.
The fish are beheaded (like me), skinned, and cleaned.
The remains are gathered and sprayed onto the surrounding fields.
Once packed the fish commute to a plant, half-mile down the road,
where they are further subjected to batters and spices then frozen.

This gaped tooth machine turns the water
so all the little fishys get fresh oxygen.
This is the Battle Farms "Pride of the Pond" Facility.
The farm is family owned and operated.
We purchase naked pieces for good ole southern fishfrys here!