Thursday, June 21, 2007

Curry Catfish Anyone?

ALABloggingIt's in the wee hours as I write this, so please excuse my mistakes. I'm here in Washington DC bloggin' the conference. Not just any conference, but the annual American Library Association Conference.

The whole day has been one eye-opener after another, as we navigated the different airports and personnel who make them so colorful. Happy stewards and surly baggage handlers abound, but one conversation as we left Dulles for our hotel, I may never forget.

Our DC taxi driver, Patel, became excited upon learning we traveled from Memphis, Tennessee. Along with his running socio-economic commentary, he quizzed us on the cost of living, such as the current price per acre and the financial outlook for local catfish farmers. My husband referred to the loss of revenue since Vietnam entered the market, and then they jumped to another fish, blah-blah.

I lost the conversation as I sight-saw, when Patel started to recite water-temperatures certain, raised fish need. Long story short, our cabbie wants to raise catfish in the Delta.

We all have an American Dream we strive for and Patel's Catfish Farm is no exception. I mean, who would've thought a vegetarian would want to raise fish in the first place, but Patel is proof.

With this little 30 minute ride, Patel reinforced my decision to become a librarian. You see, Patel is an avid library user and gains much of his fish knowledge and lore from local DC Libraries. I'm proud my profession is helping him achieve his goal.