Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Non-Bloggie in a Bloggie World...

I apologize to those non-bloggers. This being my first time hosting a challenge, I’ve been unsure how to maximize the southern experience for y'all without blogs. I think the best idea is to copy and paste any reviews non-bloggers have into a post. Then participants can converse with them through the comments or e-mail.

So, how 'bout giving these participants a warm Southern welcome!

Carol otherwise known as
selected these southern books:

Sweet Hush by Deborah Smith
Outer Banks by Anne Rivers Siddons
Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler.

MLH otherwise known as
selected these southern books:

Homesick by Sela Ward
Terminal Bend by Patricia Mayer
Old Dogs and Children by Robert Inman

Also, a shout out to two new bloggers

Missing In Action
Inkklala and Carly Laster
Where are you?

1 comment:

Carol M said...

I'm really enjoying this challenge!
Thank you for listing my books.