Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arbor Day Anyone?

We planted two pecan trees this past Arbor Day, February 15, 2008. It is our habit to plant at least two trees during the February month. We moved in Oct 31, 1995 and since have lost 13 pecans, 1 holly, 1 black walnut, and 4 dogwoods.

It's not our fault, I promise. Trees have a natural life span just as people. A pecan tree has an average life of 125 years. Our home was built in 1873 and we guess the pecans followed soon after.
We are thankful the trees fell one or two a year. It is expensive to have trees removed and as misers we keep a high deductible.

The tree we miss the most has to be our holly tree. It was beautiful, majestic, and the perfect bird heaven. Mockingbirds would call from the tight limbs and do their little dances, flicking color which contrasted vividly with the deep green leaves. The redbirds were a winter treat. Imagine a holly tree covered in snow and then place a couple of them on the branches and it becomes postcard perfect.

As you may have guessed, the display case holds a Shel Silverstein biography and two of his poetry books for children. The man was quite a character and I hope y'all try his work.

The tree shape is from his children's book, The Giving Tree. A young boy discovers a tree is perfect to play in, on, under, and around. He eats fruit from it and takes naps under it, then the book becomes menacing. The boy grows older and keeps taking from the tree until there is only a stump. I just want to slap the selfish man, but the tree keeps forgiving him. It makes me cry, every time. Um, excuse me...