Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twilight (copy)

The countdown begins! Twilight, one of the hottest teen books by Stephenie Meyer, will be debuting on the big screen November 21, all over the United States. The first movie trailer appeared just last night on television, and Edward is even more gorgeous than my reader’s eye imagined.

Twilight was published in 2005 with little fanfare. The book’s first-time author, Meyer, took only 6 months to conceive, write, and publish the story. She said the story first appeared as a meeting in her dreams. She dreamt a regular, plain-jane girl and a drop-dead gorgeous, vampire boy, were in deep conversation in the middle of a meadow. They were discussing how wrong they were for each other. She being human, and he particularly attracted to the scent of her blood, were creating friction in their budding relationship.

For most readers, I am a little late talking about Twilight. This book and the following books in the Twilight series, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn, have a hard time staying on any library or bookstore shelf. Her latest book Midnight Sun appeared on the internet weeks ago as an unscrupulous friend took advantage of a pre-published copy. It was immediately pulled, but Meyer claims that it is just one of many copies she has written. She has yet to decide Edwards’s fate.

I quickly picked Twilight up to read before the movie’s release. I want to have a clear reader’s vision, and not cloud my head with directorial meddling. I am particularly engrossed by the book’s setting. Meyer chose the real town of Forks, Washington, because it is the wettest area in America. This natural creepiness adds drama to the story. When the main character, Bella, walks into the woods I can hear the creepy music queuing up in the background.

Oh, but I have not told you the opening story yet! Isabella Swan is living with her father, the Chief of Police in Forks, now that her mother has a traveling boyfriend. It is Bella’s decision to live with her dad, and finish her school years in one area instead of on the road. On her first day she is assigned Edward Cullen as her biology lab partner, and she can see by his mean nature he is not happy with the arrangement. Oh, but he is easy on the eyes.

As you can guess, this is a romance in bloom. There is quite a bit of play and banter between the main characters, but it is the onrush of certain doom that propels readers to the end. This book will certainly warm your blood.


Lana said...

I love love love Edward! We already have tickets for the midnight showing of the movie!!

maggie moran said...

Wow, TX Mommy! You are ready! Wonder how long the lines will be?!?

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Maggie, when your headers says (copy) does that mean you wrote it or copied it? I've always wondered that. . .

So my next question is. . .have you read Twilight and did you like it? I'd love to hear what you thought!

Just like my cousin, txmommy, I loved it. . .but you know me, I am kinda nuts about reading "clean" books, and this fit the bill. I'll be on vacation during the movie premiere, but plan to go while there!

Hope all's well in your neck of the woods (neck is a good word to use when you're talking about vampires)


Vasilly said...

I'm glad you loved Twilight, Maggie. I think it's the best book in the series.

maggie moran said...

Hi Sarah!

Copy means that the post is my column for the week's newspapers. My deadline is high noon on Wednesdays. I usually post after I get back from lunch.

I did not finish the book. I passed page 200 last night and was enjoying every minute. She knows he is a vampire, but they haven't gone to Seattle yet.

One of the students saw it on my desk and asked if it was available yesterday, so, I checked it back in this afternoon. I'll pick it up when the hoopla dies down. I regret it though; especially, now that I am heading to bed. :)

I like the pun, and all is well. Thanks for asking. I'll tell you it is really foggy out right now. Perfect Forks weather! :P

How all is well with you and yern! ;D

maggie moran said...

Vasilly - I'll just stick with reading Twilight on your advice. So many books and so little time! ;)

jmnlman said...

Since the last book came out I've been occasionally looking into the reaction of the fans. The lead actor going around doing promos for the movie and basically ripping the source material is surreal.

Murf said...

I love this book and all the others as well. I'm currently in the midst of the 3rd book. My inner 15 year old girl is alive and well. Only 9 more days until a group of us well over 15 year olds head to see the movie!

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

OH Maggie, I'm glad you explained the copy thing. . .every time I read one of your "copies" I think, WOW, WHO WROTE THIS, HE/SHE IS A GENIUS!! Well, now I know, the genius is my friend in GOOD OL' MISS. I figured you'd been Copying the articles from the NYTIMES or something.

OK, one more question. . .what newspapers do you submit your article to? The NYTIMES, no doubt. You really are a good writer.

One last comment. . . I know you really don't like/have time to read ALL the books by one author, but I think you should read THE HOST by Stephanie Meyer. It's a different Genre (SciFi) and also a love story. . .I really liked it.

Vasillis is right, Twilight is the best book in the series, a good note to end on. . .plus, then you have 3 books to look forward to reading when you retire???

Bookfool said...

Hi Maggie,

I haven't commented, lately, because you've been reviewing things I've already read and have nothing to say about. But, I just wanted you to know I'm still here. Hope you're doing well!

Keetha said...

"Warm your blood." That was great. :-)

I liked Twilight, but was disappointed by the rest of the series. Of course, I'm not a fourteen year old girl so what do I know?

maggie moran said...

Um, but he looks good doing it, JMNLman. :)

I wonder if I can get hubby in the door, Murf? The trailer is too girly for him.

Aw shucks, Sarah! The PR department at my school sends it our each week to all the local papers, but only four run me regularly: The Southern Reporter, The Tate County Democrat, The DeSoto Times-Tribune, The Tunica Times, and sometimes the Southaven Shopper. I'm not sure if Amanda at the Winona Times is running any columns, but I would love for her to!

Thanks for the heads up on Host too, Sarah! :)

Great, Bookfool! I was hoping everything was A-Okay. I'm heading down to Natchez again this weekend for a Richard Wright day. Hope we have better weather than this dull misty yuck! :P I'm well and I'm glad you are, too.

I got that from the True Blood series on HBO, Keetha. The waitresses always ask if the vamps would like the synthetic blood warmed. ;)

Of course, you aren't 14! Just a mere 24! ;D

jmnlman said...

I see....Maggie...well who am I to judge I've been known to sit through episodes of I Dream of Jeannie..:)

maggie moran said...

I know - I'm weak JMNLman. Oh, and good lord he has to be 20 years younger! At least Jeannie is/was more age appropriate. ;)

I heard yesterday that the Twilight CD has sold out! The movie is going to make the two leads huge stars, and I doubt either is ready for mega-fame.

Tiffany Norris said...

Can't wait to read this! It's on my list for the What's in a Name (2) Challenge. Also, Nancy Pearl recently did a BookLust podcast interviewing her. Good stuff!

maggie moran said...

Do hurry, Tiffany! Nov. 21 will be here before you know it! :D

April said...

I have this series sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I can't wait and am just going to have to put everything else aside and dig in one of these days!

maggie moran said...

April - I have a feeling you will cut through these like a hot knife through butter! Enjoy! :)

Yolanda said...

I am givings away a book on my blog if you care to stop by.I hope you have a happy thanksgiving.

maggie moran said...

Thanks Yolanda! Happy T-Day to you too! :)