Sunday, November 09, 2008

No Gaps in My Teeth Either!

There Are 0 Gaps in Your Knowledge

Where you have gaps in your knowledge:

No Gaps!

Where you don't have gaps in your knowledge: Philosophy, Religion, Economics, literature, History, Science, Art

Thanks Erica! This was fun!


Diane said...

sigh - one gap - philosophy

maggie moran said...

Oh, my. No need to go back to school, Diane. I'm sure you meant another and it is a miss click. :)

sage said...

a gap in one's teeth helps one to spit straighter... :) Okay, let me go take this test if it don't take too long.

sage said...

I missed one--in art--got the wrong film for not winning the Oscar

maggie moran said...

So that's why my spit slices! :D

Don't tell me, you picked Rocky. Right, Sage?

Nicole said...

I have two gaps:
philosophy and science.
Not a surprise at all. : D

Isabel said...

I know that I don't know everything.

There is just too much information out there!

How can one keep up?

Booklogged said...

Good grief, I had two gaps - philosophy and art.

You did great, Maggie!

maggie moran said...

I lucked out on the philosphy, Marie. ;)

WW100 - As a librarian, I'm reminded at least once a week that I don't know it all. And keeping up? No way! I do like nonfiction, though.

Give me different questions and I will bomb, Booklogged. Kinda like these reading memes. :)

Susie said...

Loved the gap knowledge thing, Maggie! I'm "doubly gapped" in science and philosophy...though I'm stumped as to why philosophy is my weakness. I love to philosophize. Just goes to show you don't always know yourself the way you think you do! I am enjoying the heck out of the RW's you sent my way! Large, HUGE thank you!!

Vasilly said...

One gap - science. Maggie, you did you great!

maggie moran said...

I'm thrilled you like the mags, Susie. I should have given them to you when you stopped by, but I forgot! The philosophy sort of shocks me too. I'm sure you have some great theories on running and life. ;D

Vasilly - Who knew!?! :D