Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Eyes are Dewey

It is with heavy heart I write you.

Fellow blogger Dewey at The Hidden Side of a Leaf has died. Leaving us with no hint to her physical troubles, her husband said she was in a lot of pain in the last hours. I am glad she is now in a place where there is no pain.

This is the third blogger on my bloglist who has died.

How do we know the condition of the person on the other end of our internet connection? Blogging is a God send for those who are ill or immobile. We make friends without judging which is how life should be, but we all have prejudices. Did Dewey have cancer? Was she suffering from MS? Was she in a car accident? Her energy blogging put most of us weekly writers to shame. Did blogging add days to her life or shorten them. I like to think it added days as she added thoughts to my reading with her Weekly Geeks program.

I leave you with her namesake: Birth, life, and death -- each took place on the hidden side of a leaf. ~ Toni Morrison