Monday, August 11, 2008

Four More Days!

Awraight people!
Time to get busy and give away some pecans and a southern book!

April at Cafe of Dreams won the autograph copy of Finn by Jon Clinch in the Name Your Blues contest with this entry Moody An Lovin Mama! Congrats Gurl!

The last time my hubby drew names for the pecans was July 11, so I'm way behind. Shame! I need to draw four names, and I thought I would go ahead and draw for this coming Friday's too.
  1. #46 Jmnlman at Strategist's Personal Library
  2. #12 Becky at Becky's Book Review
  3. #35 TX Mommy at Too Many to Count
  4. #37 Patti at Books Make Life Better
  5. #24 Mary at Bookfan

Congratulations Y'all!