Monday, July 14, 2008

Name Your Blues Contest!

About four years ago a man named Porkchop moved to town. We didn't think anything of his name other than he didn't look like a porkchop. When pressed he would say, "that is just what they call me."

A couple months later, hubby comes home from a long day at work and proclaims he wants to be called Cornbread. Says he was inspired at work while telling his crew about Porkchop. Not to be out done I decided I liked the name Apple Sauce 'cos it sweetens the meal.

When the three of us meet on the street, we become the Supper Plate Blues Band! :D

Time for the name your blues contest! Put on your thinking caps and develop a blues name. One you would be proud of, one that says a little sumpen 'bout you. You may use a blues name generator. Once you've decided on the essence of your personal blues write a post and enter on Mister Linky. The drawing will be this Rainy Monday the 21st of July!

One winner will receive an autographed copy of Finn (newly released in pb) by Jon Clinch!

Note: The folk art is by Allen & Mary Dee and titled Our Lady of the Blue Plate Special!