Thursday, June 26, 2008

State of the Mule Contest!

This is all SFP's fault of Pages Turned! Last year during the challenge, she posted a Dead Mule Alert! I was rolling on the floor laughing because it was so true, but something I never thought about! Mules don't fair well in southern literature. According to Jerry Leath Mills' paper they can fall from cliffs, drown, suffocate, meet with bigger vehicles, freeze, hang, etc.

Now, not all mules meet with a violent death. Some do succumb to old age and some go through a whole southern story unscathed, but it is your job to tell challengers how the mule is gettin' on.

Contest Rules:

1.) Find the Mule!
2.) At the bottom of your review type, State of the Mule - Death by (choose from Mills' list) - Page #. These reviews may have been written a month ago i.e. Mudbound. That is okay, just attach the above note to the bottom of your review. If mule is mentioned, but befalls no harm, just say Fine and add page number.
3.) Book must contain a mule to enter!
4.) You may enter as many times as you find said mule, but only one entry per book!
5.) You need not be a Southern Reading Challenger to participate!
6.) Link back to Contest!
7.) Enter Mister Linky with review specific URL, but don't say title or page number just your name. We want everyone to do a little work!
8.) Contest ends 12 am Central time August 15th!

So, Maggie! What are we playing for?

A first edition Dirty Work by the late great Mississippian Larry Brown worth 100 dollars! Autographed copies are worth $500, but I would be a fool to give one of those away! Actually, I'm probably a fool for giving this one away, but it was a donation from my boss!