Sunday, June 29, 2008

California is the Place I have to Be!

Blogging Anaheim Button

Day two and I am still alive but barely. I'm extremely weak and finding it really hard to stand in lines. I blogged a conference meeting, but I didn't publish it thinking it a little unreadable. I'll clean it up when I clear up.

I attended the Outstanding Books for College Bound yesterday, too. I took a day quill sort of gel tab. I couldn't get the second one down, and after 5 minutes I was feeling almost human. Funny thing, my tongue stung. We did some great work and don't have to meet today! They both loved Devil's Teeth! It is such a fun book and I feel worthy to be included in the Science and Technology section.

I must tell you about my dreams last night. I'm sure it was my fever and the close proximity to Hollywood, but I dreamt about different sitcoms and their perfect endings. So, every dream was a different sitcom, and I would wake up with the perfect ending. After 12 of these I figured I had done the whole fall line-up and had nothing else to do. That was around 2:45, the rest of my dreams made no sense so I figure the fever must have gotten real high. I feel I may have lost 10 lbs in sweat. Oh, sweaty, delusional me!