Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Pronounce it "Car In"

My name is Karin (not Karen) Gillespie and it's pronounced "car in" as in "Is that your 'car in' the street with its bumper hanging off? My mother, who gave me this troublesome moniker, pronounces it "car rean" in a lovely lilting Austrian accent. My southern friends sometimes call me "corn" (as in Children of the...). My last name is pronounced the same as Dizzy's. (no relation)

~ Karin Gillespie

Bet Your Bottom Dollar (2004)
A Dollar Short (2005)
Dollar Daze (2006)

Tiny Little Librarian said of Bet your Bottom Dollar, "It's another book full of quirky small-town folks and each chapter begins with a quote from a bumper sticker, sign in someone's shop, someone's favourite quote or a song from the jukebox in the Tuff Luck Tavern, such as selection F-7: "I Still Miss You, Baby, But My Aim Is Getting Better."

Lynne's Little Corner of the World said of Dollar Daze's main character, "Attalee reminds me of a Southern Grandma Mazur."