Monday, December 17, 2007

Challenge Wrap-Up!

First of all, big THANKS to Lesley at A Life in Books for the Armchair Traveler Reading Challenge! I had tremendous fun reading other books outside my adopted state of Mississippi. I got rather creative with my selections and might be disqualified, but we will let Lesley make that decision. You know, smart, powerful, beautiful Lesley! ;D

Books read took me to places I would like to visit or return to!?!

Italy, India, & Indonesia
Rust Belt of Connecticut
My Youth


Bookfool said...

I see you got to go to Italy, twice. Lucky girl. I want to go there in real life. :) Congrats on finishing the challenge!

maggie moran said...

Thanx, Bookfool! We went there two summers ago and are still taking about our experiences! We want to go back and see Roma and the southern landscape soon. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your last category - your youth! I really want to read LAST NIGHT AT THE LOBSTER - it's on my wish list.

maggie moran said...

I loved Last Night at the Lobster, but it is an acquired taste. ;D

Iliana said...

Yay - you did it!
Are you joining any other challenges?

maggie moran said...

Iliana - I joined the Jewish Literature Challenge, the Sea-faring Challenge, Book Awards Challenge, and my reading for a book committee. I lost the sidebar when I changed my template and lost all the information for them! I've been beat for time lately and realize I've bit off more than I can read! :)