Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stereotype Preceeds Me!

I gave a program October 1st in a town 25 miles south of the campus called Batesville. The delightful Friends of the Library group were seven strong when normally they have a crowd of sixteen. I joked it must be the speaker, but they assured me many were on vacation. Even the librarian was out of state.

Not remembering my contact - last minute deal and said vacationing librarian suggested me - I walked into a room full of strangers. I was greeted by a nice woman who blurted out, "You're pretty!"

Not something I get to hear everyday, I basked in the slightly uncomfortable compliment as she continued, "I mean, you look different from the librarian I pictured on the phone."

She obviously hasn't been exposed to my most-recent (beige) publicity photo. Bah!

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