Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hondo & Fabian (copy)

We’re number one! We’re number one! No, I’m not talking about the fighting Rangers of Northwest; although, they are having a good season. I’m talking about you and me. Fellow Mississippians, we are the fattest state in the whole Nation.

For three years running, Mississippi has been number one on the F as in Fat poll conducted by the Trust for America’s Health. Yippee! I feel good knowing I’m doing my part. Matter-of-fact, one can pin a “Wide Load” sign to my backside and hire a couple of escorts with flags. Bah!

Don’t feel too bad, obesity rates are increasing all across the United States. Even the lowest rated, Colorado, jumped one percent this year. Our wonderful furry pets seem to be in on the competition as well. My favorite dog is so big she resembles a seal, all blubber with flipper paws.

Author and illustrator, Peter McCarty, recognizes the trend in chunky pets. His new series sports two such chunksters: Hondo the dog and Fabian the cat. They are adorably illustrated with massive bodies and stumpy paws. It is in the expressions on their faces where one falls in love.

In McCarty’s first book, Hondo & Fabian, Hondo is allowed outdoors to play while Fabian must deal with baby. Hum, who will have more fun? As you can imagine, Hondo dives into the waves and Fabian dives for cover. In the end, the buddies are reunited around their food dishes, “full and fat.”

In Fabian Escapes, it’s the cat’s turn to be outdoors. As Hondo returns from his walk, Fabian sneaks past for a clean getaway. Once outside, she meets the neighborhood dogs who love to play chase. Baby also likes to play chase and dress-up. Who will get their nap first, as both pets coward in safe hiding places?

These are delightful books to share with young readers; especially, those with, um, bigger pets. The faces they make while in the custody of baby are priceless and might teach a little empathy.