Monday, August 13, 2007

Death Week 2007

Oh, you haven't heard? This is the week thousands of fun Elvis fans flock to Memphis to celebrate his life and death.

Big events include the Candlelight Vigil, Memorabilia Swap, 5k run or One-Mile Walk, Elvis Karaoke (to warm-up the impersonators), and Special Tours of Graceland.

For those of you outside of Memphis, Turner Classic Movies will run an Elvis Marathon, August 16th, which will last all day!

Before the fans arrive, regular Memphians can be found dusting their photos of the King, filling jukeboxes with his 45s, and stocking extra bananas for that oh-so special PBB.

Matter-of-fact, any Memphian worth her weight in gold even has an Elvis story to share: for example, Elvis drove a truck and once gave my friend a ride home to Como, Mississippi after he brokedown on the interstate.

Needless to say, with every sucessful Elvis Week comes "I knew Elvis" books. Fredric Koeppel, entertainment reporter for the Commercial Appeal, compiled them for the Sunday edition and I thought I would pass them along


Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business by Sonny West
Elvis Straight Up by Joe Esposito
Aloha, Elvis by Jerry Hopkins

Photo by Mike Brown/The CA

The Commercial Appeal photo caption~ August 13, 2007

Elvis impersonators Steve Rosati (left) and Keshav Patel, who both happened to have traveled to Memphis from Montreal, Canada, sing a karaoke duet at the Elvis Expo 2007 held at the Memphis Cook Convention Center through Tuesday. "These are the best kind of people in the world, Elvis fans and Elvis impersonators," Patel said.


Anonymous said...

Maggie, Elvis was The King !

maggie moran said...

You're right, Paul! He was a-hunk-a-hunk-a-fun! :)