Monday, June 18, 2007

Murf made the button, too!

“Where are you from?” the woman asked me. For a moment, I was going to lie and say I was from Sausalito, California. Everyone loves you if you say you’re from California, while everyone is filled with sorrow or loathing if you admit you’re from the South.
~The Prince of Tides

I bellowed out a big Amen after reading this quote from Murf's blog. I personally get the loathing rather than the sorrow when I meet people from up north. I can see in their eyes the jumping to conclusions: white trash, red neck, bigot, stupid, etc. It is only when I meet another Southerner, up North, that I feel a kindred spirit. "Really, so who's your peoples?" Where's your homeplace?" "How bout dem Dawgs!"

Murf of As I was Saying read The Prince of Tides for her first book in the challenge. She had this to say...

Amanda of A Patchwork of Books isn’t participating in the Southern Reading Challenge; although, she highly suggests The Prince of Tides for participants. She likes to visit this book ever couple of years, but she thinks she will put it away for five years now. Hear why...