Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Clear Case of Uppin-the-Ante!

Lisa at Bluestalking Reader isn’t participating in the Southern Reading Challenge! Nope! No rinky-dink, read three southern books of your choice, but a rather blue-blooded Southern Literature Project. She has a list of canons and modern titles to make any Southern Literature 101 class proud.

Lisa is gonin' great guns, folks! She just recently devoured Larry Brown's, Father and Son, and is currently chewing on Hick by Andrea Portis (Is Portis any kin to my beloved Charles Portis?) If you are still looking for books to place on the list or replace duds, check out her left hand margin.

In the same vein, Lesley from Lesley’s Book Nook is also reading more than the required three. She has chosen a southern book to represent each southern state. Very clever, Lesley, and I’m proud of you. Spread that southern feeling around to all your Nebraskan neighbors, will ya!