Saturday, May 05, 2007

Who's the Clown?

We had a surprise visit from Rainbow the Clown (Millee Wrenn) Thursday! Millee is my friend from Tunica whom happens to be the Children's Librarian at Olive Branch Library.

For the last week of school, the daycare children visit their parents/grans place of employment. We were treated with co-worker's darling sunshine and 8 of her peers. This one visit reminded me how much fun providing storytime can be. Do you think they will come for a monthly visit?

These children are treated like kings/queens with umpteen servants. Before they reach kindergarden, they know numbers, colors, animals, shapes, etc. all thanks to the excellent Children's Daycare Program. I think, but I' pretty sure, there are 60 students for the 9 kids. Oh, if we could just provides this for all our Mississippi children.