Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This Made Me Giggle!

If a writer has to rob his mother, he will not hesitate; the"Ode on a Grecian Urn" is worth any number of old ladies.

~ William Faulkner


Isabel said...

Did he really say that?

Stephanie said...

That's too funny!!

Ok...so I committed!! I actually picked my 3 books for the Southern Reading Challenge. Is there a place you want us to put them??

maggie moran said...

WW100, I got it off the web. I need to check the Bartlett, huh? ;D

Great, Stephanie! Just do a post and link back. Happy Reading!

sage said...

Good quote, I've seen it before but not in Fauklner, but then I've not read any Fauklner on writing.

Roy Blount, a southern writer in exile, has wrote a humorous book about his relationship with his mother (and about southern mothers in general). In it, he says something like, "My mother loved me to pieces. I've spent my entire adult life trying to put those pieces back together again!"

Anonymous said...

I would trade my ex - wife for a well written novel, but I don't know about a short story. LOL

maggie moran said...

Hi Sage! Thanks for Roy's quote, too funny! :D

Paul, you got me giggling again! :D

Cipriano said...

Maggie, that is a funny quote.
I remember seeing it in a book somewhere, as in, some other author [not Faulkner] quoting Faulkner as having said it.
Now it is bugging me.... I can't remember where I had seen it cited.
Oh, I see that Sage is saying something similar there.... dang! I hate when I can't remember something. I've SEEN this quote, quoted!
-- Cip

maggie moran said...

Still haven't gone to the Bartlett. Please forgive me! In the morning, I promise!