Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is Mister Linky Southern?

Southern Reading Challenge Eve is upon us and I hope all list are made. It would be so nice if y'all went to bed with visions of columned plantations in your heads. :)

If you visited earlier today, you may have noticed a couple of test posts. Mister Linky and I were having a slight row, but all is well now. He was quite the gentleman and is now ready to admit I was right. Right all along, fiddle-lee-dee! :D

So, with out further ado, pick up y'all's books and commence to reading.

Here's a quick rule reminder. Spend the hot, humid months of June, July, and August reading three Southern books by Southern authors. Most lists were approved ahead of time, because some contain variables to the Southern author/book rule. You Know Who You Are and the reasons I allowed them. Please note that when writing notes or reviews on the books. Also, one may substitute two movies based on a book/play by a Southern author for one book.

Within these books, spend some time finding that "sense of place" we talked about. It could be a description of a smokey mountain in the Appalachians or the red clay dirt of a Georgia field, and how it bonds a character to their community. Why, when a southerner meets another southerner they are always quick to discover each others' "home place" or "peoples".

Prizes will be drawn at the end of each week starting on Friday. Have fun and as said earlier, "I will try to be YOUR ultimate Southern Librarian!"