Saturday, April 14, 2007

Southerner Wins EB White Award!

First time novelist and Alabama naive, Watt Key, wins the E.B. White Read-Aloud Award for Older Readers. His book Alabama Moon is set in the wilds of Alabama and perfect for the Southern Reading Challenge.


"I could trap my own food and make my own clothes. I could find my way by the stars and make fire in the rain. Pap said he even figured I could whip somebody three times my size. He wasn’t worried about me."

DearReader's Booktalk

For as long as ten-year-old Moon can remember, he has lived out in the forest in a shelter with his father. They keep to themselves, their only contact with other human beings an occasional trip to the nearest general store. When Moon’s father dies, Moon follows his father’s last instructions: to travel to Alaska to find others like themselves. But Moon is soon caught and entangled in a world he doesn’t know or understand, apparent property of the government he has been avoiding all his life. As the spirited and resourceful Moon encounters
constables, jails, institutions, lawyers, true friends, and true enemies, he adapts his wilderness survival skills and learns to survive in the outside world, and even, perhaps, make his home there.


Lana said...

I'm looking forward to June to start the challenge! I put a button to your site on my blog, hope you don't mind.

Our book club read "Cane River" by Lalita Tademy this last month. It's the story of southern family, the women in the family mostly. They were slaves and got progressively "whiter" as the generations past. It was historical fiction and about the authors family. You might want to add it to your list of suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Interesting first novel eh ? I may try it.

maggie moran said...

Thanks, TXMommy, I may actually use your remarks. If that is okay? I've always wanted to read this but just put it back in the pile. This could be the summer, though! ;)

Paul, I'm dying to read it. I loved Hatchet by Paulsen and this is said to be a read-alike.