Monday, April 16, 2007

Southern Rock is Rockin'

I had a reference question that made me feel old, yet cool, at the same time Friday. A kid, all of 22-years, asked me if I could help him find a book.

“Sure, what ya lookin’ for?”
“You spell it L-Y-N-Y”
“Do you mean Lynyrd Skynyrd?”
“I found this book, which I can’t believe y’all got, and it’s not on the shelf.”
“Mmm, let me look at the record. Oh, it’s checked out. Would you like to try some other Southern Rock?”
“You know what Southern Rock is?”
“I think we have some Allman Brothers.”
YOU know who the Allman Brothers are?”

This is when I say, "don't judge a book by the cover."

Now, who’s your blues, rockin' mama?