Sunday, January 21, 2007

Back in M.I.S.S.

...sung to the Beatles' tune Back in the USSR.

I've made a huge, costly mistake; however, this is my normal learning curve. I now know that Midwinter is more meetings than programs. One might have warned me--remember the hard head--but I still would need to experience it myself.

This is not to say Midwinter is not valuable to those ALA orbiting members. Those of us who want to be involved and just haven't been shot down, yet. The two meetings I attended were quite open to non-committee members' input. Those meetings being, RUSA CODES, Readers Advisory, 8am Saturday and LITA, Internet Resources and Services Interest Group, 10am Saturday.

I did manage to find a program on Saturday; Google Presents: Tales, Tips and Tools for Libraries was informative and fun. My director will be giving a presentation to faculty and staff involving Google; which I will be able to contribute to. We already have an English department head who is quite efficient with Google Book Search and Google Scholar.

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