Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Spook/Ghost Hunters (copy)

When I was little, around nine, my Sunday school teacher told me God never sleeps. He is omni-something. My mother later cleared up my baffled head by explaining omnipresence.

I just thought this was awful. God must get pretty tired. I know how I drag around when I lack sleep. Surely He is allowed a little shut eye or cat nap.

That night, after I thanked God for my Mom, Dad, Sweetheart, Papa, Pa, Granny Smith and ratty brother, Ferrell, I invited Him to lie down. I had just upgraded to a double bed from a twin and had plenty of room for Him.

At the time, I had a cat named Puff. I guess you can tell I learned to read with Dick and Jane. Puff had the habit of sleeping with me at the foot of my bed. It was her nature to stay up with the parents and amble back to my room once the lights were turned off. She would jump on the bed, knead the covers, circle twice, and then lie down. After her rigamarole, I would bend down and pet her goodnight.

Each night I would add a little assurance to God during my prayer. God, you can take a little nap, and I’ll stand guard for you. God, there is plenty of room, and I promise not to knock you off. God, I’ll wake you up if you over sleep. God, I won’t tell anyone if you don’t tell.

After a week of prayer, I was about to give up. I decided to approach Him with a different request. God, I understand you have a duty and must keep your eyes open, but what if you just have a seat? Next thing, my bed compressed down at my foot, like the cat claiming her space for the night. I reached down to pet her goodnight, but she wasn’t there. I patted the empty space and smiled, knowing God had finally taken my advice.

Throughout history man has pondered the afterlife; two new books address this subject. Spook by Mary Roach and Ghost Hunters by Deborah Blum both search for proof through scientific measurements.

Spook considers all the world’s religions. Author Roach travels to research arenas like India to learn from the experts. In her first chapter she meets with Dr. Rawat at the International Centre for Survival and Reincarnation Research to discuss the phenomenon.

Author Blum explores renowned philosopher William James and his endless search for proof of life after death in Ghost Hunters. The first chapter opens with an honest, ghost story. How fun is that? It makes my “God taking a load off” story sound trivial.