Tuesday, January 02, 2024

Flying the Mississippi River 2024

Starting in June, I will fly the Mississippi River from the source at Lake Itasca to the Gulf. In order to accomplish this adventure, I will need to fly from my base, Panola County Airport, to Bemidji, Minnesota. Then I will start my adventure following the turns and straightways of the river. I plan to join the Ladies Love Taildraggers in Hannibal, Missouri then fly to Baton Rouge, Louisiana with the club in 7 days. I will then fly down to the Gulf and back to Panola County Airport. Boy, will my arms be tired. 😃


Jeff said...

Sounds like a great adventure (I've often thought of paddling the river, but then my arms would really be tired).

These days, I'm blogging at https://fromarockyhillside.com

maggie moran said...

Well, hello Jeff!

Yes, your arms would be extremely tired. I have a friend who has done the source to the mouth in a canoe he made. John Ruskey is one of our many characters in Mississippi. I met him as a wiry young man. He would drop by the library while visiting one of our many blues artists. Here is a nice vid about a recent trip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=harMEq2zUeA

Thank for the update on your website!

Frumzi said...

Your blog has been instrumental in broadening my perspective.