Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit (copy)

During our big snow this winter, I felt privileged to see something. We have dogs and an excellent hunting cat and I thought I would not see this sight as long as they had reign over the yard.

At first I thought it was a clump of magnolia leaves blown to the wide open space perched atop the white snow, but then it moved. He scratched behind his ear by raising one of his front paws over his head.

It was a little brown bunny sitting atop the snow in our field. I watched mesmerized and finally it hopped at a high rate of speed to one of our Magnolias in the front yard. It was like getting to see an unexpected friend on a very cold day.

My thoughts turned to spring and the warmer weather to come. Staring, all bundled in fleece and an Ole Miss snuggie, I could not help but wish for the sun’s heat. Nothing says spring to me more than a bunny in the snow.

Maybe it reminds me of Easter time and the edge of warmth I associate with the winter to spring transition. Where I grew up Easter typically was a cold day. Back home it could be 32 degrees that Sunday, but I was not going to miss wearing my new short sleeve dress. Oh, and to hide it in a bulky wool coat was out of the question!

Speaking of bunnies, warm weather and wool coats, I found a great little book titled Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons by Il Sung Na. Our little white bunny shows us how other animals live throughout the winter. Some like the Canadian Geese fly away from the cold. Some turtles swim to warmer waters. Some sheep stay but keep their wool coats on.

The colors and illustrations, created by the author, bring a magical feel to the reader. The texture of the trees look to be scratched bark and the rabbit’s fur seems to be made of delicate lace. Our little white rabbit displays humor and curiosity, too. He sits atop a migrating turtle and peeks into the sleeping bears’ cave. At the end young readers are treated to a brown rabbit winking at them.

Il Sung Na is a Korean author/illustrator who has finally made it across the pond. She released this same book in the U.K under the title Brrrr: A Book of Winter in 2010. This book is a spring treat for anyone under five years of age.


Sharon said...

What a cute thing to see! Your talking about spring makes me long for it, I just wish there was more of it here in Texas. It goes by so fast you might miss it if you stay inside a couple of days. LOL

Sounds like a cute book and one that could be used at school to introduce seasons.

maggie moran said...

It is extrememly easy, Sharon. Four or five words to a page, but I think it effective with the illustrations. Storytime leaders can ask, "Who is the bunny running with?" All kinds of different animals. :D

You are right about Texas! Mississippi is the same way!!! Tennessee at least has seasons. ;D