Friday, May 30, 2008

Snail Bait Estate!

And the first autographed Mudbound goes to J. Kaye at J. Kaye's Book Blog for (Don't spill your morning coffee J. Kaye!)
Snail Bait Estate!

I wish to thank everyone for participating. It has been a blast reading these entries. All Y'All deserve a book!

For another chance, compose a Southern Haiku based on one of the books reading for the challenge. In this contest you may enter everytime you write a Haiku! Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! I just finished the last sip of my morning coffee or I would have.

Thank you soooooo much! :-D

maggie moran said...

I was reading your blog last night and it mentioned your morning routine. I'm on my second cup!

I'll need your address and I cannot wait to have you read it and blog about it! :D


The Bookworm said...

congrats j.kaye, it is well

Bookfool said...

Congrats, J. Kaye!!! Lucky chick. ;)

Vasilly said...

Congrats, Kaye!

Debi said...

WooHoo, J.Kaye! Couldn't have picked you a nicer winner, Maggie! And I just loved "Snail Bait Estate"!

I really wanted to enter, but that darn old husband of mine put a stop to that. I thought this contest was the perfect opportunity to replace our home's current title "Richfork"...yes, hubby (Rich) was a big Dallas fan as a kid, and all our homes have been dubbed Richfork.

maggie moran said...

Too, funny Debi! No Debispoon or Debiknife, huh! ;)