Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The (Southern) Ladies of Covington, NC

Lynne of Lynne's Little Corner had this to say about Joan Medicott's An Unexpected Family, the newest book in the Ladies of Covington series.

I've been reading this series of books about 3 "mature" ladies living in Covington, NC for quite a few years now. They're nice, cozy little books, quick and easy to read. This is the eighth in the series. The writing is simple, the stories a bit predictable, but still pleasant to read.

It's enjoyable to see books written about women a little bit older than the normal star of a book. Ms. Medlicott has shown that even though a woman is older, she can still have a full and exciting life. Hobbies, new careers, friends, love, marriage - even sex. Maybe just at a trifle slower pace. I've heard that the 50's are the new 30's, so the 60's must be the new 40's. Shoot, we're still kids! We've got a whole lot of living left in us!

The Ladies of Covington Send Their Love (2000)
The Gardens of Covington (2001)
From the Heart of Covington (2002)
The Spirit of Covington (2003)
At Home in Covington (2004)
A Covington Christmas (2005)
Two Days After the Wedding (2006)
An Unexpected Family (2007).

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ricklibrarian said...


I have enjoyed seeing the Southern writers posts. I like the thoroughness of the effort. This was a timely post as I had just had a request for a Covington book. I saw my library did not own any, while many of our system libraries did. So I ordered as many as I could find in print. Thanks.