Sunday, January 29, 2006

Marley and Me (notes)

Upon arriving at the parking lot full of canines waiting for obedience class, Marley bounds from the car and commences smelling crotches, dribbling pee and flinging drool.  It’s a dog party and he’s the birthday boy.  As the author states, “So many genitals, so little time.”  p60

Marley is having a little trouble adjusting to thunder storms. He has actually torn-up the garage trying to escape during the last storm.  So he is hauled off to the vet to see what can be done.  While there the vet suggests he be neutered and author Grogain thinks, “For the sake of future generations, we must contain this genetic mistake at all costs!”   p74

Our own Reba was a little hard to maintain at times.  She needed a lot of exercise, so I would run with her, take her out to the bike trails for exercise and let her swim in the Wolf River after thrown sticks.  

One Saturday morning I had entered into a race at Shelby Farms and we all decided to pile in the car and go.  Pete agreed to go down to Patriot Lake while I ran and we would meet after the race for a picnic brunch.  I was feeling really good about this race, in a pack of moderate runners and nearing the end of the 5k when I hear some commotion in the back of our pack.  Little barking and little yelps and before I knew it Reba was at my side panting away.  One guy in the group hollered about the Park’s leash law and I steered Reba to the outer side where I saw Pete coming up fast.

Apparently Pete was giving her a little heel training and thought her good enough to not need the leash.  They were alone on the east hill over looking the road below when Reba spotted me.  He said she turned and looked at him with a malicious smile and then bolted.

I remembered this incident after reading, “If I towered over him and barked stern orders, he would obey, sometimes even eagerly.  But his default setting was stuck on eternal incorrigibility.”   p96

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