Saturday, January 14, 2006

Back to Cold Comfort Farm

I love the characters of Flora and Mrs. Smiling. Both like things tidy and in order and uncivilized actions of people tend to irk them.

They are such silly snobs!

Mrs. Smiling actually collects brassieres, so odd, and Flora sees work as just not necessary. She would rather mooch off unseen relatives and make a life of tiding up their messes. She, lacking in messes herself, the model of civilized living, is game for the challenge.

Flora does state she wishes to write the next Persuasion by Austen, when she is fifty-three. Filling her time for the next thirty years "collecting material" for the book. So, in essence her job as a material collector sounds very much like a librarian. Cool job!

Speaking of Jane Austen, Cold Comfort language shares the same flourishing style. The conversations between characters is embellished and hautey. This possibly is why I had a hard time settling into a time period.

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