Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Whispers (copy)

One of the most exciting times for a woman is pregnancy. The questions that are never ending start to form in her head as her body does some really strange things. Naturally, she immerses herself in making the perfect nest and her family and friends shower her with well wishes and gifts. She is about to take on a lifetime of love and she works hard to make it perfect.
In Margaret Eubanks’ Whispers: Life Begins and a Voice is Heard… the mom is asked to take a little quiet time and record the events as they are happening. The unborn voice is whispering little secrets every day and mom needs to slow down to hear the aspirations.
First, this tiny little butterfly wants Mom to know she is loved. “Mom it’s you and I for the next nine months. The morning sickness will pass soon. I wonder if you will want me. My hope is that you will love me and give [me] a chance at life. If you hear a whisper, Mom, it’s me saying, ‘I love you.’”
On the next page, Mom is asked to journal her thoughts about the day she found out she was pregnant. The whisperer tells her to, “Write it down Mom. Someday I’ll want to know.” Across from the page is a lined paper for her to fill out.
This paperback book is the size of a children’s book. The font is large and sparse. The pages have plenty of lined paper for mothers to record the events as they unfold. The pictures are large and meant to carry the story along. This children’s book format is special as one day it will be read back to the child for which it was produced.
Whispers becomes the story of birth for one lucky little-one who has a mother with the forethought to write it all down. The book, once filled with the experience of birth, will become a family treasure at first requested daily by the child to be read repeatedly, then tucked away on a shelf to be rediscovered years later and again treasured.
Born in Mississippi, Margaret Eubanks currently resides in the Batesville area. Whispers, written in 2006, is the first of two books by Mrs. Eubanks. She will also be bringing her, Goodnight, Sippi, I Love You to the Author Rodeo Roundup Saturday, March 28 from 2-4:00p.m. at the R.C. Pugh Library on the Senatobia campus of Northwest Mississippi Community College.

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