Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Simply Weight Loss (copy)

Last year, I went from a slow 13 minute mile to a glacier 14 minute mile pace and gained weight all while training for a marathon. What? The marathon schedule I choose emphasized mandatory long runs on the weekend for endurance, and optional runs during the week.
My slowing pace really bothered me. Did my advancing age slow my not-so-advancing feet? Was the extra weight effecting my performance? In the health section at Books-A-Million, I read things like run hills, add tempo runs, add a circuit workout, and run timed laps. Sigh. The last book I picked up said it all, “To run faster, one must run faster.”
The two books I read this week remind me of my aha-moment with the running books. Simply Weight Loss by Dr. Mike Cockrell and The Hummer Garden: How to increase your Hummingbird Population by Lisa Cockrell and Chad Martin provide practical tips needed to lose weight and attract humming birds to your home.
These small books can be enjoyed in a minimum amount of time, but are chocked full of aha moments. For instance, Dr. Mike states there is no magic solution to weight loss, but if pressed for one he says, water. He then gives five examples of the effects of water on the body.
Lisa and Chad filled their book with photographs that emphasis the importance of color and grouping of hummingbird attractors. Trees, flowers, vines, feeders, and a quiet space set the perfect table for hummingbirds to feast and fellowship. A picture in this book is truly worth a thousand words.
Dr. Mike Cockrell is a practicing family physician in Senatobia, Mississippi. His wife, Lisa, attracts over 100 hummingbirds to her meditation garden in Como every year. Chad Martin not only co-wrote with Lisa, but he co-owns Laurel Rose Publishing with Dr. Mike. The company was founded in 2012 to give would-be authors an affordable place to publish.
Dr. Mike, wife Lisa, and Chad Martin will represent both the writing and publishing side at the second annual Author Rodeo Roundup on March 28 from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the RC Pugh Library in Senatobia. 

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