Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (copy)

Bruno and his family have recently been uprooted from their beautiful home in Berlin to a shabby salt box in the country of Germany. It all happened after a dinner with the Fury and his beautiful blonde companion who sat across from his mother.
The next morning, Bruno came in from breakfast to find the family maid, Maria, digging through his closet. In the room were four large boxes and she was pulling out clothes. He was in shock and upset because someone was going through his possessions. He hoped she would not find his secret stuff.
Bruno went downstairs to ask his mother if he had done something wrong. He would understand if his sister, Gretel, had been bad. All the family considered her a Hopeless Case and had caused nothing but trouble for him anyway, but to ship him off instead of her seemed wrong.
Mother calmed him down with the news that the whole family is moving away. Not just him, but Father, Mother, Gretel and all the help are going on an adventure. She continued to explain that the Fury gave Bruno’s father a very special job and the family is moving to support him.
All excitement was lost when Bruno got a good look at the new house, though. He went from a staircase he could slide five floors all the way down to a three-storied banister that was bound to cause splinters. His room was tiny, too. Way smaller than his sister’s room and with only one window he had to stand on his tippy-toes to see out.
This new house was the only one on the block. Not like his home in Berlin that was on a tree-lined road with his best friends living next door. No more Karl, Daniel and Martin. It looked like Bruno would have to make new friends and he was worried since there was no other house in sight.
Well, that was until he looked out the window. Standing high as he could on his toes, he could see little boys, skinny fathers, and even old grandfathers. Where were the little girls, mothers and grandmothers? He did not know, but somewhere in this group of pajama wearing guys there was bound to be a friend.
This is the beginning of the 2005 book titled, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, by Irishman John Boyne. He writes the story as it unfolds from a nine-year-old German boy’s perspective. Prior to the prejudices that may taint Bruno later, readers experience the Nazi side of the fence at a concentration camp. 

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