Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Dog Stars (copy)

My life is simple now. I sleep outside under the stars with my dog, Jasper. I hunt for fresh meat once a week and grow tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, and peas in my little garden. When not hunting, I take the plane up to secure the perimeter.
My neighbor, Bangley, moved in a couple of years after I took residence at the airport. He came with his little camper full of firepower. I am not sure where he lays his head at night, but I know it is close. He is there before I count to 200 when we have intruders.
The airport used to be one of those fly-in communities. You know, large homes facing the road but backing up to taxiways serving the runway. These houses provide us with wood for the campfire now and the solar panels keep our makeshift kitchen and fuel pumps working.
Nine years have passed since I left the city. I figure I have another 10 years before the 100LL begins to run low. Obviously, the fuel will become stale before then, so I found an FBO at a nearby airport that has shelves of additive to use when the time comes.
Next season, I will need to swap seeds with the Family to keep the garden healthy. The Family lives in a chain linked compound fortified with barbwire and razor within our perimeter. The entryway proclaims, “We have The Blood.”
A condition worse than aids, they look like the walking dead. Intruders are no problem and I personally never get more than 15 feet near. We trade goods like a warring nation laying them in the DMZ.
Bangley calls them Druids and rags me nonstop when I land. He is more scared of their disease than any armed intruder. Now, to appease him, I land near an overturned delivery truck full of pop and grab him a couple cases of Coke before coming home.  
Like I said, life is very simple and I am thankful for my little freedoms. Unfortunately, since turning 40, I am starting to forget things like the constellations. I do not remember their names or placement in the night sky. Without a book to consult, I now lay back and make my own animals with the stars. Jasper, at my shins, approves.
Do not miss this apocalyptic adventure titled, The Dog Stars by Peter Heller. 


Hummer Accessories said...

I absolutely hated this book. I suffered through the entire novel because I felt like I had to finish it since I paid $15. I now own this book that may be more worthy as a coaster. The author's style of writing was off-putting. There was no real climax. It was dull. It was boring. I hated every minute. Every chapter.

maggie moran said...

Well, Lord have mercy, Hummer Access...Take the unsatisfing book back to the bookstore where you purchased it and demand your hard earned money back! I loved it and thought it unique. To each his own. :D