Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Expats (copy)

Kate is ex-CIA. She left the life when she found the man of her dreams, Dexter. He like her was without parents at an early age. He was a calm man versus her edgy personality. He had a separate life with work and friends. He never pried into her business nor asks her where she had been when on assignment.
Kate assumed he did not quiz her because he did not want questions directed at his own business travels and assignments. Dexter’s work demanded secrecy. He was a network security analysis doing contract work for various banks. All sorts of financial houses hired him to hack their computer systems.
Dexter divulged only one thing about his job. A procedure of three steps he followed with each institution. The first step was to hack the bank’s computer system from the outside. He sat at home at the kitchen table even and began the random password test. He got in by the end of the week then went to work breaking the connections it took to unlock the system.
Next, Dexter went to work as an employee of the bank and began hacking the system from within. This procedure took even less time because the institutions gave him all the tellers’ passwords. Weaknesses were discovered and before long he was transferring amounts from one account to another. Bank officials were horrified, but also impressed.
The last breach was a little tougher to maneuver. The executives were unaware that his socializing was the last and hardest hack of all. As soon as the ink dried on his contract, Dexter used any excuse to play golf with the company members. He sat up dinners in his home. No invitation was turned down. No son’s soccer game was missed. He was everywhere working the crowd.
Life was good for them both. Kate had become a wonderful stay-home mom to two beautiful little boys. Domestic life had its problems, but most her days passed without incident. She also liked the fact that she hardly ever felt under surveillance. Well, until they move to Luxembourg.
Follow Dexter and Kate Moore in this exciting new book by expatriate Chris Pavone. The Expats has loads of twists and turns with a very exciting ending. Oh, and who are those swanky new American friends of Dexter? Both Julia and Bill Maclean seem a little too friendly.

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