Tuesday, July 03, 2012

My Magnolia Memories and Musings (copy)

Finally! The wait is over! Local poet Patricia Neely-Dorsey has a new collection of poems ready for your entertainment!

Magnolia Memories and Musings is filled with poems that come from the heart of a very up-beat, proud of her street, gal. Okay, I am no poet and will leave the rhyming to her, but she does our state proud. As we all know, Mississippi is the butt of many a joke and as most around the country will say not the smallest butt either.

Pat says pooh to all that negative vibe. She is here to shout about Mississippi’s greatness whether it is in our seasons, sights or sentiments.

Listen to her love poem that uses our state vegetation that went horribly awry and now is a symbol of strength, “Kudzu Love.”

My love for you
Is like the kudzu,
That surrounds us
In this place:
the landscape
Of my life,
It is
And cannot
Be contained.

I am proud to call Pat a friend and I happily sing her praises. Through the wonders of facebook, she dazzles me with witty quotes and positive affirmations daily, plus a fashion show on the weekends. One of Pat’s many hobbies is going to consignment shops and yard sales looking for fashion deals. Her blog is called Diva-on-a-Dime.

Listen to her voice in the poem “4th of July.”

Flags Waving
Fireworks Popping
Family reunion picnics
And a new outfit
Barbecue, Baked beans
Fried chicken, Cole Slaw
Homemade Ice cream
And did I say…
A new outfit?

In May, Pat shared some old photos of herself as a contestant in the Miss Northside Pageant on facebook. I thought she was reliving memories of her fashionable youth, until I read her poem, “Miss Northside.” Next time, lead with your best talent - Mississippi poems - and take the crown.

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