Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mind Chi (copy)

A monster has been created! I had so much fun in the business book section last week that I stayed a full two hours looking over titles and scanning content. What I pulled out to read is Mind Chi: Re-wire your Brain in 8 Minutes a Day by Richard Israel and Vanda North.

Mind Chi according to the two authors is an act of changing negative energy to positive energy. The reader is to use the B.E.A.T. method. The person takes whatever issue they face destructively within their body, emotions, actions, and thoughts (BEAT) and changes them to positives. It takes two minutes per section for a total of eight minutes.

For example, let us say I am having trouble meeting goals. For one minute I analysis my body and determine that I am burned out, my back aches and I lack concentration. Using Mind Chi, the second minute will be used resolving the problem by being more responsive, doing yoga or taking pills to be pain-free, and preparing my body to be ready for action. Obviously, these are all concepts in my mind. It takes longer than two minutes to do stretching exercises like yoga.

Moving on to step two and my emotions, I do not achieve my goals because I feel hopeless, sad and stressed. Not really, but I play along. So, I am looking to change these emotions to enjoyment, buoyancy and eagerness. How many of us really take into consideration our feelings when meeting a task? Alas, I do not want to mow the yard because I feel stressed during the process. The real reason being I am lazy which leads us to step three, actions.

Instead of meeting my goal, I am actively talking on the phone or wasting time with lower priorities. I should be planning ahead and completing little tasks towards the goal and managing my time more wisely. Remember this exercise is happening in two minutes and all in my head.

The final step involves checking my thoughts. Am I dragging my feet because I do not see the reason for the goal or maybe I think it is unattainable no matter how much effort I spend? My thoughts should be moving forward for the greater good, or enjoying the challenge, or even realizing I will get satisfaction in the completion when obtained.

Mind Chi provides 50 BEAT maps for common issues in business such as sales, communication, training, health, and management skills. I think it will be useful in my running, too. Maybe one day, I can Mind Chi to a faster me.


Vasilly said...

I love the business section of bookstores too! Mind Chi sounds interesting but I don't think I'll add it to my tbr list. Right now I'm reading Willpower by Roy Braumeister. It's a little dry but is basically a good read. I hope you're having a great weekend.

maggie moran said...

You too Vasilly! It is nice to hear from you! Sorry, I have been out of the blogging business. The new job keeps me rather busy! :D