Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beep! Beep! Book Stop!

"A story untold could be the one that kills you."

~ Pat Conroy

In honor Of Pat Conroy's South of Broad release in paperback, I found a couple of snippets to get you excited about his book.

From the first line: It was my father who called the city the Mansion on the River.

Last lines: "Yes, that is it: anything can happen. Yes."

It is up to you to read the middle! ;D


South of Broad (2009)
My Losing Season (2002)
Beach Music (1995)
The Prince of Tides (1986)
The Lords of Discipline (1980)
The Great Santini (1976)
The Water Is Wide (1972)
The Boo (1970)


The Pat Conroy Cookbook: Recipes of My Life (1999)

I am currently participating in a blog tour for this book! Please visit Lisa at TLC for more information on the book and other bloggers' reviews!


sage said...

I've just started reading "The Prince of Tides." I've not read Conroy before (probably due to my prejudice on all that's from SC)

maggie moran said...

Yay Sage!!! Maybe you cab do more of his books for the Southern Reading Challenge! :D

Paul said...

I happen to know Pat Conroy personally. He can write ! I am a native South Carolinian and proud of it. :-)

maggie moran said...

Kewl Paul! He looks like he would be fun to kick around with and listen to him tell every day stories. :D

Paul said...

So true Maggie...