Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On the John University: U.S. History (copy)

Back in 2005, I wrote a class paper based on encouraging boys to read. A great source for the paper suggested making a nook in the bathroom and filling it with magazines, newspapers, comics, and books.

Why limit this to boys? I understand there are large numbers of people who like to linger in the bathroom and this suggestion makes perfectly good sense. It is the perfect place to get comfortable and meditate right?!?

I admit. I do not have such a nook in my home. I have books in every room but the bathroom. I even have books in my closets! I imagine the reason is because I came from a home where books were not that important and hanging out in the bathroom was forbidden.

By coincidence a friend told me about this great series he is using in his bathroom to refresh his long forgotten American history. The series is titled "On the John University: The Path to Higher Education Starts with a Good Sit Down." He was currently reading "U.S. History" for which I grabbed a copy at the bookstore too.

Now, I must be honest. I have not read the whole book. It is 512 pages full of everything imaginable on the topic. Plus – like I mentioned earlier – I will not be reading this in the bathroom instead preferring to read it prior to sleeping for which the book is well suited.

Information is concise and fits in one or two pages. For example, on page 37 one can read about "The Real Pirates of the Caribbean" in four short paragraphs. It begins by telling readers there is no such person as Captain Jack Sparrow. Christopher Columbus has many pages dedicated to him, but the selections are in one or two page increments. I enjoyed the page titled, "The United States of Columbus?" since Amerigo Vespucci knew he was in a brand new land unlike Christopher's India.

The series includes other titles such as "Sports History," "Great Thinkers" and "World History." Imagine the wealth of information one will attain after reading one of these fine books, that is, if her mind can retain it all. I might gain some nuggets for the next Trivial Pursuits game.

Become flushed, "with the knowledge of America's movers and shakers." Stock your bathroom today.


Sharon said...

Sounds Fun!

Paul said...

Maggie how about a reading list specifically for the Southern male ? Can you do it ? :-)

maggie moran said...

Sharon, if you like history this is fun! They throw in puns and jokes but mostly interesting information. It contains pop quizes to check your progress, too! I can see a high school student using it as a quick reference! ;D

Paul - I bet you could come up with an excellent list! Now would I be right in thinking you want a Southern lit list? Off the top of my head - Confederacy of Dunces by Toole, Black Boy and Native Son by Wright, any Ricky Bragg nonfic, some Harry Crews, ALL of Larry Brown but to save time you can skip his On Fire autobio, Flannery O'Connor, Cold Mountain, any Civil War macho story, Death of Sweet Mister by Woodrell, Charles Portis' True Grit, The Right Stuff by Wolfe, etc. Obviously this is not comprehensive but will get any Southern man started! ;D

Paul said...

Yeeha ! Thanks Maggie ! I knew that you could do it. :-)

QueenBee said...

Maggie...great article! Can't imagine why anyone wouldn't stock their bathroom now! Keep up the good work. I think all teenagers like to hang out in the bathroom, Brandi spends hours in their and sometimes I find a book. Great suggestion.

Anonymous said...

This sounds fun! My husband always leaves books in the bathroom but I've always found reading a page to two unsatisfying. I think I'll pick this one up since its in such short sections!

Megan at

Isabel said...

This would make a great Christmas present! Thanks for telling us about it.

maggie moran said...

Thanks Queenie! They decided to run it! :)

I guess it is short and sweet for those who like to get in and out Audiobooklove! ;D

A nice stocking stuffer Isabel! ;D

Anonymous said...

I have read the entire book, along with On The John University World History and On The John University Great Thinkers, and I really like them. (I didn't really give a crap about buying On The John Sports History because I'm not interested in sports, but it could come in handy playing trivia.) Actually, they were hard to put down and I shared them with my mom who is 81! I have used them as supplemental sources in the classroom, and I have shared them in the Teachers' Lounge. Great read!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me who the author of "On the John: Great Thinkers" is? I can't find it anywhere online. Thanks.

maggie moran said...

Hello Anons!

Thx for stopping by and leaving a comment. Wow, your 81yo mom likes the books!!!

There are more than one author so I copied and pasted this from Amazon: On the John Hopkins University: Great Thinkers [Paperback] Locke Peterseim (Author), Megan Roth Megan Roth (Author)Russ Mitchell (Author), Stephanie Doyle (Author), Matt Ray (Author), Adeline Black (Author)