Wednesday, December 02, 2009

On the John University: U.S. History (copy)

Back in 2005, I wrote a class paper based on encouraging boys to read. A great source for the paper suggested making a nook in the bathroom and filling it with magazines, newspapers, comics, and books.

Why limit this to boys? I understand there are large numbers of people who like to linger in the bathroom and this suggestion makes perfectly good sense. It is the perfect place to get comfortable and meditate right?!?

I admit. I do not have such a nook in my home. I have books in every room but the bathroom. I even have books in my closets! I imagine the reason is because I came from a home where books were not that important and hanging out in the bathroom was forbidden.

By coincidence a friend told me about this great series he is using in his bathroom to refresh his long forgotten American history. The series is titled "On the John University: The Path to Higher Education Starts with a Good Sit Down." He was currently reading "U.S. History" for which I grabbed a copy at the bookstore too.

Now, I must be honest. I have not read the whole book. It is 512 pages full of everything imaginable on the topic. Plus – like I mentioned earlier – I will not be reading this in the bathroom instead preferring to read it prior to sleeping for which the book is well suited.

Information is concise and fits in one or two pages. For example, on page 37 one can read about "The Real Pirates of the Caribbean" in four short paragraphs. It begins by telling readers there is no such person as Captain Jack Sparrow. Christopher Columbus has many pages dedicated to him, but the selections are in one or two page increments. I enjoyed the page titled, "The United States of Columbus?" since Amerigo Vespucci knew he was in a brand new land unlike Christopher's India.

The series includes other titles such as "Sports History," "Great Thinkers" and "World History." Imagine the wealth of information one will attain after reading one of these fine books, that is, if her mind can retain it all. I might gain some nuggets for the next Trivial Pursuits game.

Become flushed, "with the knowledge of America's movers and shakers." Stock your bathroom today.