Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hunger Games (copy)

My name is Katniss and I live in District 12. There used to be 13 districts in all; unfortunately, the number proved to be very unlucky for those District 13 inhabitants. Our District, lovingly referred to as The Seam, supplies coal for the other 11 Districts and the Capitol.

Our inhabitants long ago stopped cleaning the dust from their wrinkles and creases allowing one to spot a miner from miles away. I think this thought as I look down on my sleeping sister, Prim. Her skin, pink and smooth like the primrose she is named after, will one day blacken. Just how long she can go before working in the mines is uncertain. It is my hope she will find a job in town, but one thing is certain, she is hungry as our mother as our neighbors as the whole walking lot of District 12.

See, we haven’t won a Hunger Game in years. It has been so long that our last winner, a broken down old sot, doesn’t even remember winning. Winners get extra food from the Peacemakers. Loads of flour and salt for cooking, eggs and ham for meals, and abundant fruit will practically make us fat. Otherwise, these things are only available through the black market. One can live off the Capitol’s rations, but remain hungry or die of starvation as a result.

I’ve been hunting in the forest to help out our small family’s need for food. It is real easy for me to slip under the razor-wire fence at a gathering of bushes without being detected. Actually, I think the Peacemakers know I do this but look the other way. They are my best customers.

My hunting buddy is Gale. We used to compete for game, but find it easier to work together for better prices at the market. He is also a great help with large game and fending off the flesh eaters. The bad thing, he calls me catnip.

Today is the day of Reaping. During the Reaping a male and female are chosen to represent their District in a fight to the death. Gale feels pretty sure he will be picked today. The odds are in his favor. He carries 18 points for his age then all the points from his siblings leaving them with one a piece; plus, he has added points for food during the year. I could easily be chosen for the female slot since I carry all but one of Prim’s points.

It is with utter horror I hear the announcer yell, “Prim!”

Readers will go without sleep to finish this dystopian tale titled Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

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