Saturday, May 23, 2009

First Week of Southern Living

Southern Reading
and the Livin' is Easy!

Hope you got a chance to start on one of your chosen books this week. Stella at Growing with Stella discovered Harry Crews' Blood and Grits this week and is enjoying her cross country 70s tour. Blood and Grits is a collection of nonfiction essays written for magazines like Playboy and Esquire. She now knows why Harry Crews is called the Father of the Rough South. A genre that is also known as Grit Lit or Dirty South. :D

I read Classic Crews: A Harry Crews Reader and loved it, but will say his writing is an acquired taste. He likes to shock and awe in a quite unnerving way. Others in this genre include the late Larry Brown, Tim McLaurin and Daniel Woodrell. My mouth was fly appealingly open after finishing Woodrell's The Death of Sweet Mister. A book I read but choose not to write about for the newspapers.

In the south, Sundays are spent at church and then eating lunch with the family. Growing up our routine was early church followed by Sunday school then a quick trip home where we changed clothes and headed to Sweetheart and Papa's house for dinner. If we decided not to have dinner we would show around 3:00 p.m. for a visit.

I challenge y'all to go on a visit this Sunday. Visit at least five other Southern Readers and get to know them. Tell 'um Maggie sent ya!

This Week's Winner!
Vasilly at 1330v!


Vasilly said...

I won! Thank you so much, Maggie!

maggie moran said...

Yay!!! Please e-mail me your address and I'llget the 'khans in the mail! mmoranATnorthwestmsDOTedu

Jill said...

Maggie, do you want us to post our reviews too? I finished my first book already. =) Thanks, Maggie!

Amy said...

Hee--your Southern Sundays are exactly what my Northern Minnesota Sundays were like growing up! Church, then off to Grandma's house for dinner and the afternoon.

Sharon said...

Congratulations to Vasilly!

I've started The Help, my first for this challenge.

SuziQoregon said...

Congrats to Vasilly. I haven't started any of my challenge books yet, but I do have 2 of them out from the library. One of those might be my next book.

maggie moran said...

Jill - I'll put a Mister Linky up in a couple of days. Please hold on. ;)

I love it Amy! I guess I make the generalization b/c I think most northerns don't have the same devotion to church like we do in the Bible Belt; although, the belt runs north-south! ;D

Yay Sharon! I lub this book!

maggie moran said...

Yay - Suzi! No rush! You have all of lazy summer... ;D

Tiffany Norris said...

No visiting, but I'm making good progress on my Faulkner!

serendipity_viv said...

Maggie - where can we post our reviews once we have read them. I have read Mudbound and want to share!

maggie moran said...

God job, Tiffany! *thumbs wiggling up*

Great Scrap Girl! I'll get a first review linky up tonight! So sit tight! :D