Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Bird!

Welcome to All

Southern Reading
Challenge Participants!

I hope you crack open a favorite or soon to be favorite Southern book this afternoon and enjoy reading in the sun! I read some snippets out of Jenny Bond and Chris Sheedy's Who the Hell is Pansy O'Hara? on the back porch this morning, and got tickled while reading the To Kill a Mockingbird chapter. Harper Lee fondly refers to the book as The Bird.

Lee in an early interview, before she became recluse, talks about our unique southern way of life. "There is a very definite social pattern in these towns that fascinates me. I think it is a rich social pattern. I would simply like to put down all I know about this because I believe that there is something universal in this little world, something decent to be said for it, and something to lament in its passing. In other words all I want to be is the Jane Austen of south Alabama."

I am so excited for those of you reading To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time. Please be sure to share!

So far there are 57 of you! YAY! On the sidebar is a blog roll of southern challengers. Please click a blog and go a visitin'! Tell 'um Maggie sent you! Oh, Kim in Ohio! Your link does not work! Please sign-up again on Mister Linky!
I'll be giving away magnolia pecans and autographed copies of southern books again this year! Be sure to sign up or play along with the contest for a chance to win!

This Week's Winner!
Jessica Leigh at Paperback Passion!

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Jill said...

I plan to get started on MUDBOUND by Hillary Jordan as soon as I am done with my current book. Can't wait to read some Southern books! Thanks again for hosting!

=) Jill

Vasilly said...

Congratulations, Jessica. I'm trying to read Moby Dick as fast as I can, (which is a bad idea), so I can start on Mudbound.

Maggie, I love this challenge. I'm really glad you're hosting it again this year!

maggie moran said...

I'll be giving out some hardback signed copies of Mudbound this year, too. I didn't host enough contest last year! Thanks for playing Jill and VaSilly! Be on the look out for dead mules!

Sharon said...

Congratulations to the winner! I'm going to start The Help as soon as I finish a couple of library books! Can't wait!

I read To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time last year and loved it.

maggie moran said...

Yay, Sharon! I wish I had read it sooner! :)

Carol Murdock said...

That's wonderful that so many are going to read TKAM for the first time! I've read it eight times!
Southern writers are the best!

~ Carol ~

maggie moran said...

Ew, you make me jealous Carol! ;D

Vickie said...

I have GOT to get my Southern books going! I have a nice collection of Mary Kay Andrews and want to get to the bookstore and pick up some Celia Rivenbark or Sweet Potato Queen.
I love reading TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and have it on my keeper shelf.

maggie moran said...

Ew, this might be the year I read all of Mary Kay Andrews' stuff, Vickie! I hear she has a new one out, but no worries. It's gonna be one long hot summer! :D

Louise said...

Hi there, I am a new reader and this is my first visit to your blog, which looks amazing and amazingly wonderful! I saw a link to your Southern challenge on the Striped Armchair Blog.

Is it too late to sign up for the challenge?


maggie moran said...

Yes please, Louise. One can sign up all summer long! :)

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