Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Going Down South (copy)

Olivia Jean liked New York City. She didn’t wanna have to live in a backwater place like Cold Water Springs, Alabama. What would she do with her time? How would she meet kids her age while living far away from town? If it wasn’t for the baby she carried, maybe the prospects of going down south might interests her.

Things had definitely changed in the Stone household. Daisy, her mother, had taken to smoking twice as many Pall Malls than usually, and her father Turk would not speak to her. When entering the kitchen for supper he avoided her eyes. Their once close bond was completely severed as her normal teasing was now met with a scowl.

If it wasn’t for her pregnancy, she might have gone farther in school. Her straight A’s were impressive on a report card. How come she was so stupid when it came to boys? She should have known kissing in the school closet would lead to something, but Preston Douglass was so dreamy. He was like a triple-dark color, almost blue, and his penny loafers carried shiny new pennies instead of old ugly ones.

It didn’t take long for Preston to move on once he got what he got. He avoided Olivia Jean in school, and when they did meet it was Dora he spoke with so friendly like. That was okay. Dora liked him and Olivia Jean had lost his shine. Especially, after she told him she was going to have the baby, but he needn’t apply for a marriage certificate.

Now, she sat in the back of Sally, Turk’s new Chrysler, with her head on the cool glass as they made their way south. It was a cool morning and she was stunned as Daisy leaned back and handed her a small gold ring.

“Here, put this on your ring finger Hon. It will keeps those nosy-bees quiet for a little while. Just long enough for you to have that baby and us get back to normal.” Daisy turned back around, but Olivia Jean knew it would take a lot more than a ring to be normal again.

Set in the 1960s, Going Down South by Bonnie J. Glover focuses on three generations of women as they navigate through debilitating secrets. The book is broken into four distinct parts; Olivia Jean, Daisy, Birdie, and Of One Accord. Readers will marvel at the characters as the story unfolds.

Visit with author Bonnie J. Glover at her active blog.


Tiffany Norris said...

Ooh...that sounds good!

maggie moran said...

The club really liked it Tiffany, and I think it works for an older YA. This one had more sex than our other choices! ;)

Sharon said...

This sounds like a great read! Thanks!

maggie moran said...

It is good, Sharon!

Lana said...

I really liked this book. Good pick :)

maggie moran said...

Yay, TxMommy! The seniors in our discussion group really like this book and that sorta shocked us.

Bonnie Glover said...

Thank you so very much! I am glad that your book club liked my novel. I am in the middle of writing another and one of the characters will be Queenie Monroe.

maggie moran said...

Great, Bonnie! It was a huge sigh of relief when the whole room raised their hands to liking the book!

We had questions about Queenie. She disappeared after the "rolling men in mud" episode and we hope she is fine. Look at us, caring for a character! :)

Thanks again for writing such a devouring good book.

Vasilly said...

This is one more book that's going on my list.

maggie moran said...

Yay, Vasilly! I think you will enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I received your picture and will get it up o my blog soon. Thanks again for liking and trying GOING DOWN SOUTH. You'll here from me soon!


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