Monday, April 13, 2009

100 Years of Stories and Pics!

April 13, 1909
A woman so humble, she kept her Pulitzer in the coat closet!
Was it Ricky Bragg who said his was on a permanent traveling exhibition through the families? ;D
How will you celebrate today?
Leave a comment declaring your all time favorite Welty story or pic.
Pic is her name for the depression era photos she snapped.


Mary (Bookfan) said...

I need to read some Eudora! Waiting for the Southern Reading Challenge...

Carol Murdock said...

I love her! I just heard her read
"The Petrified Man" a few nights ago! I have all her works !

Deborah M. said...

A Delta Wedding is one of my favorites, along with The Optimist's Daughter. Her ability to capture time and place is unmatched.

Diane said...

I'm with Mary!

maggie moran said...

The time is nearing, Mary! ;)

I watched that too, Writer's Porch! It was on PBS and she was so lovely! Maybe, you will join us for the Southern Reading Challenge this summer?!? :)

I love The Optimist's Daughter, Deborah! I would have to whack that new wife w/ the bread board!

Oh, the excitement is growing, Diane! :D

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