Monday, December 15, 2008

Robert Sabuda (copy)

My Christmas dreams have been crushed. My beloved better-half ordered the electronic book Kindle too late to be placed under the tree. I will be opening my present 11 to 13 weeks later just in time for my February birthday.

Who knew it was going to sell out? Well, I had a feeling way back in August. Remember that little book talk where I asked Santa to bring me a shiny new Kindle. Everyone I know who owns one loves it. Amazon should have known it would be a big seller. Too bad the man of my dreams paid little attention to my subtle hints such as asking him to proof the article and reading it aloud when we got the newspaper. Sigh.

Are you thinking I am easy to please? One little electronic book and my Christmas dream is met? Giving a book is the equivalent to watching someone tear into a box of socks or underwear. There isn’t much excitement after the initial rip, but within the pages is the real gift.

Would you like to give a book to a young child but are afraid of the underwear factor? There is nothing like the look on a child’s face when they open a pop-up book for the first time. I remember mine well; although, I am at a loss for the author and title. It was a collection of nursery rhymes where the reader turned a wheel to watch the “mice run up the clock” and the “four and twenty blackbirds” flew from a pie.

There is a new star in the pop-up business. Robert Sabuda is a rare artist who has taken an ancient art and improved on the technique. A Pratt Institute graduate, Sabuda entered the book business as a children’s illustrator for other authors. In 1994, he talked his publisher into a small series of pop-ups involving a little white mouse exploring The Mummy’s Tomb and The Knight’s Castle.

Today he is credited with illustrating over 50 children’s books of which 40 are pop-ups. For the holiday season he offers Winter’s Tale, The Night before Christmas, The 12 Days of Christmas, The Christmas Alphabet, A Kwanzaa Celebration, Winter, and Christmas.

Other standout books include The Ark which depicts Moses' outstretched palms awaiting the returning dove with olive branch, The Movable Mother Goose with mini pop-up books within the cover, and Sharks and Other Sea Monsters where Jaws lurks as the cautious young reader turns the page.

Purchase one of these and watch your little ones pop-up with joy.

Note: The first photo is Robert Sabuda holding his Wizard of Oz book. Second photo is from the book America the Beautiful. The third photo is from the book Christmas.


Mary (Bookfan) said...

I am a big fan of Mr. Sabuda's books. For the past few years I've given his books as Christmas gifts. I find that everyone loves this gift - no matter what their age.

Sorry about the Kindle issue. I mentioned it in passing earlier this year (before Oprah ) and I'm not sure the hint was picked up...I'll be shocked if the hint was picked up.

Vickie said...

On the bright side (I am a glass is half full chickie), you are getting a Kindle! And you have something to anticipate. Don't let DH turn it into your birthday present, though. Make sure he knows this was your Christmas present from him and he really needs to get something else (maybe shiny) for your birthday....

I will be now looking for the pop-up books for my holiday decorations. Lady K is a wee bit over pop-up books, so these would be great to have around the house for decorations.

Vasilly said...

Those are so beautiful!

You are so right about e-books. After lugging around many heavy textbooks this semester, I wish they had been on a Kindle. I pulled various muscles many times since August. *bowing in reverence*

Susie said...

Oh, how I LOVE pop-up books! Thanks for writing so lovingly about them, fellow pop-up book lover, Maggie! In fact, until I read your blog and I hadn't thought about pop books since my teenage son was a small one. Now i realize I was living vicariously through him as I gave him pop-up book after book! Going to Square Books tomorrow(for some book nirvana) and you can bet I'm gonna sit down and savor a few of these!

Anonymous said...

That's too bad about the Kindle. I'm enjoying it but maybe version 2 will be out so you can try that out. Can't really blame Amazon. I'm sure they didn't expect Oprah to say it was her favorite gadget of the year.

maggie moran said...

I gave The Night before Christmas to 10 pre-schoolers last week and I have heard all kinds of thanks yews, Mary! Big hit!

So, it is Oprah's fault I'm not getting my Kindle!!! Dang! AND, she probably gave all the audience two! :P

Vickie, great idea! I'll ask for some books to read with my new Kindle along with some bling!

Mr. Sabuda also makes greeting cards and decorated the MOMA Chritsmas tree with a pop-out angel. A pop-up nativity scene would be nice on the buffet. :)

Vasilly, be careful. Textbooks are too much weight! You are a college student not a mule! It's a pipe dream, though. Textbook companies will probably never go for the idea! :(

Ah, Square Books! Hubby and I, now do our Christmas shopping on the square in Oxford and my favorite haunt is SB! Have fun and stop by the Children's SB to see if they stock Sabuda! ;D

Why can't Oprah keep her big trap shut! Doesn't she know I have plans, Debbie?!? Kindle II, huh? Maybe hubby should cancel the order! :)

Sharon said...

Can't wait to see how you like the Kindle. Sorry it won't be there for Christmas!

maggie moran said...

I'm so bummed, Sharon! :(

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