Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Movie Extravaganza

Yes, I love me some It's a Wonderful Life, but my favorite Christmas movie of all times is A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sims as Scrooge. Shelf Life had this lovely You Tube and I just had to borrow it for the Extravaganza from My Friend Amy.

Why does this 1951 movie appeal to me more than say the one with modern actors such as George C. Scott or Albert Finney? One thing, the dialog remains true to Charles Dickens' written work. Slang starts to creep into the later films to feed new audiences Dickens' meanings. I like the fact that the movie is in black and white - an old story needs an old look. There are more shadows in the bNw that places a viewer on instant alert. Too much lighting for the cameras takes away from the ghosts. They become comical in nature. Although, Bill Murray's Scrooged spooked me a little. I also like the fact that Mr. Sim's acting ability is above par. One can tell he was an accomplished stage actor before accepting this role. This is a long clip, but look at him jumping into bed and throwing the curtains to hide from the experience he just had. Priceless!

Trivia note: Shelf Life reported that yesterday was the anniversary of Dickens' writing of A Christmas Carol in 1843.