Monday, October 27, 2008

Blog Tour First Stop!

Something Wicked by Alan Gratz is our featured book this week at Kids Book Buzz!

First line of the book states, "History is full of guys who did stupid things for women."

What a wondeful line!

Others participating in the tour can be found at The 160acrewoods, A Christian Worldview of Fiction, All About Children’s Books, Becky’s Book Reviews, Book Review Maniac, Cafe of Dreams, Dolce Bellezza, Hyperbole,, Looking Glass Reviews, Never Jam Today, Reading is My Superpower


jmnlman said...

As someone who has a history BA I can confirm that that's pretty accurate.

maggie moran said...

LOL - JMNLman! :)

Bookfool said...

What is kids book buzz? Your link doesn't work. Do they do YA book tours?

maggie moran said...

Oops! Sorry, Bookfool. I fixed the link.

Yes, Kids Book Buzz is a juvie and YA book tour organizer. Check it out! :)

SevenVillageIdiarts said...

Maggie, my cousin, txmommy sent me some of your pecans. She won them again and shared some in a snack size zip lock with me. They were divine. So next year I'm going to read my tail off and win my own (and I'll share a snack-size zip lock with her!! I swear!) I know this is unrelated to the post, but wanted to drop you a line! Sarah

maggie moran said...

That's very nice of her, Sarah. She sent me a little Texas treat a couple of weeks ago, too. I got some Texas hold-em playing cards, armadillo scat (chocolate covered sunflower seeds), a lolly shaped like the state of TX, and some TX mints (which is saying a lot if she realizes I need a mint from all the way down in TX)! She is too nice! ;D